Well made products deserve a high quality finish.

Wiseman Made compliment their Furniture with quality Wood finishes.

We offer an Oil and wax-based finishing system and 2pac colour and transparent lacquer coating finish. Our high quality Surface finishing products meet Australian and New Zealand ISO standards for surface resistance and toxicity levels.

Oil and Wax v lacquer finish ?

There is no bullet proof Wood Coating System I’m afraid… same goes for your house and car it has to withstand the rigours of UV Light, fluctuations in humidity, knocks and bumps of everyday use.
With most things they both have pro’s and con’s and the environment and use should be matched to the required finish.

Oil and wax-Based finishing system

Protects the wood from the inside
Does not form a film
Forms a protective, microporous surface


  • Penetrates deeply into wood and protects the surface
  • Enhances the natural wood colour and feels natural
  • Spot repairs can be carried out easily
  • Does not crack, flake or peel or yellow
  • Great liquid resistance
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Requires ongoing maintenance
Lacquer Finishing System

Protects the wood from the outside
Forms a film -Due to spray gun finish appearance is pristine


  • Good liquid resistance
  • Protects against wear
  • Easy maintenance


  • Onsite renovation is only possible after sanding
  • May yellow
  • Spot repairs are not possible
  • Shows scratches easier and can chip
  • Due to spray gun finish complete renovation requires rubbing back and re-spraying
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