Vee Shelf


The most Robust Shelf in our range with the highest load bearing.

The 10 degree angle bottom allows for a thinner front edge with the thicker back edge taking the higher load bearing. Vee shelf is rated at 5kg per stud or brick wall fixing.


Vee shelf is available in various lengths up to 2400 long at either 240mm or 360mm deep which extends the function of the shelf to a more practical use including supporting Audio Visual Equipment.


Materials – Front Edge and sides in 6mm solid timber. Bottom and Top faces in matching natural timber Veneer.

Wood Finish - American oak Raw, Natural, Vintage, Nutmeg, Havana, walnut, Dark Walnut, Ebony, Oak Black, Vic Ash, Blackbutt, Chestnut & other timbers by request


$280 - $350 per Meter depending on quantity. For example a 2 meter shelf at $280 per Meter is $560. Price Includes American oak with natural oil finish

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