Cove Shelf


Cove shelf is a simple & robust method of shelving. At 26mm thick with a detailed cove edge to give detail and appearance of solid timber.

The metal wall fix bracket simply gets fixes to the shelf in line with Wall Studs or Masonry Walls positions, this also adds some design detail and appearance.


Cove Shelf is available up to 2700mm long down to 300mm at 200mm deep. Shelf length may be limited to wall type.


Materials – Front Edge and sides in 9mm profiled solid timber. Bottom and Top faces in matching natural timber Veneer.

Wood Finish - American oak Raw, Natural, Vintage, Nutmeg, Havana, walnut, Dark Walnut, Ebony, Oak Black, Vic Ash, Blackbutt, Chestnut & other timbers by request


$220 per Meter depending on quantity. For example a 2 meter shelf at $220 per Meter is $440. Price Includes American oak with natural oil finish

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